Robot Lawyers – Free & Easy

Robot Lawyers will help you present your story for certain offences.
She will ask you a number of questions about your personal circumstances, which you should answer in detail.

You will then be emailed a document based on those questions and your answers, for you to give to the Court. After receiving the emailed document, whether or not you give the document to the Court is your decision.

The questions you will be asked are based on the type of personal information that Courts are interested in when considering penalties.

The Robot will also email you a free Character Reference Guidelines document.

Robot Lawyers cannot assist you if you are pleading not guilty or are contesting or disputing the facts in the case.

If you are not certain that you are guilty or you are not sure what has to be proved against you, then please click here.

Robot Lawyers is not a lawyer. Robot Lawyers does not give legal advice.

None of your information is stored on the Robot Lawyer site and there is no use or possible way that your information will be shared. The site was designed so that people can use it anonymously.

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