Free Legal Assistance if you are pleading guilty in Court without a lawyer – Robot Lawyers

Robot Lawyers is Free, Easy and Confidential

Robot Lawyers is a free legal service for people appearing for themselves in Court

Using the Robot Lawyer will give you a document you can give to the Court that will answer most of their questions.

It will mean you can talk far less in Court but still get your story across.

Having the right facts means the Court can be helped to make the right decisions.

Please note: None of your information is stored on the Robot Lawyer site. The site was designed so that people can use it freely and  anonymously.

How Does it Work?

You will be asked a number of questions about your life and your answers will go into a document at the end.

These questions are what a lawyer would ask you before going to court for you. The more detail you include in your responses, the easier it is for a Magistrate to understand why you are in trouble and to understand what is going on in your life.

After you answer the questions you will be emailed a document that you can take to court and give to the Magistrate.

Often Courts are after specific answers and this document should answer many of their questions. Often, people are unsure what information is relevant or necessary in a guilty plea.

The information you are asked to enter is based on what Courts are interested in when considering an appropriate penalty. Robot Lawyers will also email you a free Character Reference Guidelines document. It is recommended that you provide relevant character references along with your Robot Lawyer document at your court appearance.

What Else Should I Know?

Robot Lawyers cannot assist you if you are pleading not guilty or are contesting or disputing the facts in the case. If you are not certain that you are guilty or you are not sure what has to be proved against you, then please click here.

Robot lawyers cannot provide you legal advice as Robot Lawyers is not a lawyer, nor can it take the place of the proper legal assistance required for more serious legal cases.

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