Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Robot Lawyers is a creation of Bill Doogue and Andrew George from Doogue + George Defence Lawyers.

Why was Robot Lawyers created?

There are many people appearing in court without a lawyer who cannot tell their story clearly.

Robot Lawyers aims to give people a better way to present their personal story to the court in a way that will assist them and the Court.

This is in circumstances where there are many people who are simply unable to pay for an lawyer for simple matters.

Can Robot Lawyers help in all cases?

She only works on cases where you are pleading guilty and not disputing the facts.

Why is it called Robot Lawyers when it is just asking a series of fairly simple questions and sending an email?

We called it Robot Lawyers because we thought that calling it a “Basic Conditional Logic and Emailing you a document Lawyer” was a fairly lame name.

Is this the first Robot Lawyers?

No, there is a previous Robot Lawyer that was created in the UK to deal with parking ticket appeals. That is at and the creator, Joshua Browder has moved on to doing far more interesting work on the interaction of Robots and the Law that we all look forward to seeing.

Why does Robot Lawyers ask the questions that it does?

The questions are aimed at providing the Court with the basic background information that it requires when considering a penalty in a simple case. Providing relevant background information to the court is a basic task that a real lawyer performs in any given case. But as you are appearing in court without a lawyer, then at least Robot Lawyers can help you on this aspect of your case.

By you providing this information to the Court, it creates an easier starting point for the Court to hear your case.

What is the future of Robots and the Law?

We think there is an immense future for the use of Robots in the Law. It is a fascinating area that will see enormous growth in the next 5 years. The financial benefits for Courts are self-evident and hopefully for minor matters it will be designed to take the costs and some of the anxiety out of the process for people. There is a lot of potential for the Courts to use more sophisticated systems to have faster, more economic and standard outcomes.

Is the information I tell the Robot kept or used for anything?

The Robot does not keep your information and your email address is not stored in any way. All emails in the sent items mailbox of Robot Lawyers are regularly deleted. The Robot is too busy to contact you again once she has emailed you so your email will never be provided to anyone or used in any form of marketing.

Is the Robot actually my lawyer?

The Robot is just helping you organize your information. Using the Robot does not create any lawyer/client relationship with any lawyer or law firm.

Only the people you show a copy of your letter to will read what you tell the Robot.

Robot Lawyers recommends that you use a real lawyer, but understands that some people cannot afford that expense and so are left with no any other choice but to appear in court without a lawyer.

Is there any cost for using the Robot?

The Robot is a free service. If you use Robot Lawyers and it was helpful or you want to thank the service, then please make an online donation to the Royal Childrens Hospital.